We often have very conflicting ideas of what the ‘typical’ addict looks like. Some imagine the user as the life of the party, relying on substance abuse to become more sociable. Others imagine them as depressed and willing to sacrifice personal relationships to attain their next high. The truth is addiction takes a different guise on each person it grabs hold of. However, a common characteristic amongst addicts is often extreme loneliness.

Whether loneliness is the cause of the addiction or the outflow thereof, it is usually a prominent theme along an addict’s journey to recovery. Because personal relationships tend to disintegrate once someone’s addiction finally spirals out of their control, addicts become withdrawn. As a result, they have no one to ask for advice. There is no best friend who ‘tells it like it is’ anymore or gives practical tips.

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Addiction is complicated. In most cases, it is the result of a traumatic experience of which the wounds never really healed. Before long, it leads to a variety of other problems – job loss, divorce, criminal activity and, in some cases, incarceration. But what if some of these issues could be discussed before they become a problem? Could the outcome be different?

Do you have a friend or family member who is battling addiction? Have you noticed unhealthy behavior that you hide from your loved ones? Whether you need the advice yourself or have questions about how to best support a friend, make sure you subscribe to the From Addict to Disciple podcast. We cover topics like, how to speak to someone struggling with addiction, how past pain can continue to hamper an addict’s progress, and why addiction is never as straightforward as simply stopping a certain behavior.

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