About Us

Do you have doubts about whether or not it is really possible for someone to beat addiction? The media tells us every day that once someone is enslaved by addiction, they will inevitably return to it no matter how hard they try to stop. It’s true that conventional programs only succeed in keeping about 4% of addicts sober for more than a year. Understandably many addicts are paralyzed by fear of one more failure, this keeps them from trying another program.

How is From Addict to Disciple (A2D) different?

Instead of looking at only one aspect of the problem, A2D takes a more holistic view. Realizing that 80% of people who end up in prison have a substance abuse problem, these statistics helped shape our vision for A2D. It dawned on us that our best shot at reaching people and giving them the tools they need to really free themselves from addiction would be while they are still incarcerated.

After 5 years of leading groups in prisons in America, we launched the A2D curriculum in South African correctional facilities in 2009. The transformation and regeneration we have witnessed are truly remarkable and the decreased recidivism rate has given us welcome invitations from prison officials around the world.

What does A2D entail?

The curriculum prisoners work through consists of four phases, each comprised of required reading together with questions they need to answer truthfully and openly. The essence of the program combines the Twelve Steps with inner healing and character development to ensure successful reintegration into society. True freedom from addiction only happens once we are willing to be honest with ourselves about past pain and deal with it in a meaningful way.

About David L. Hain

Author of the books Heart of an Addict and From Addict to Disciple, David Hain is so much more than an accomplished author. A highly qualified and experienced counselor in schools, workplaces, and prisons, David has many years of experience working with individuals battling addiction.