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“It’s like being in a room with hundreds of doors, but you can’t find the doorknob on any of them.” These immortal words were spoken by an addict while attempting to relay the endless hopelessness he felt while being enslaved by drugs. Perhaps most distressing about Doug’s experience with drug addiction is that, however unfortunate his experiences, they were not unique to his life.

Whether the addiction presents itself in the form of drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or any other kind, there is a common theme… Each addict has a wound they have not been able to find healing for. Some emotional or traumatic event whether a one-time occurrence or an ongoing situation inflicted so much emotional pain on them that they sought to escape from it. And, with time, their efforts to numb this pain eventually took over their lives. Doug, for reasons we won’t get into here, struggled with rejection. But the wounds come in all shapes and sizes; whether it is an abusive father, a retrenchment, the death of a family member… There is no shortage of pain in this world.

Love of the father and hope of the son

Author, David L. Hain, has worked with addicts all over the world. He has walked into rooms filled with despair and destitution. He has found that the answer lies in uncovering the pain of an addict rather than changing their behavior. A core value of A2D is to bring hope in the face of hopelessness and love to those who feel unloved and unlovable.

In this book, David tells the story of a man named Cadillac, who asked him to pray with a group of heroin addicts. Cadillac, even amid his heroin haze could see clearly that his only hope was in God. But as David puts it, “it took a variety of fires in his house, gunshots over his head while he lay in bed, arrest, incarceration, and multiple gunshot wounds before he surrendered to his Lord and Saviour.” It is evident that the road to freedom from addiction is not simple, but the hope is there for those who admit their powerlessness.

How can A2D help me?

Are you looking for a personal self-help program or one you can use while working with a mentor? 

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From A2D curriculum has had great success in prisons as well as out in the community.

Coupled with the A2D podcasts you will gain an understanding of addiction, a renewed love for those caught in this lifestyle, and be given tools to gain freedom for yourself and others.

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* ‘From Addict to Disciple’ and ‘The Heart of an Addict’ books are both included in their entirety in the ‘From Ashes to Destiny’ workbooks.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Edition

Sexual Addiction Edition

Then they will come to their senses and escape from the devil’s trap. For they have been held captive by him to do whatever he wants.